Loving Weddings

I have to start this post by saying a big “Congratulations” to Hannah and Mike on your very special day!!!

Special wedding gift to each other a heart tattoo

I was so honored to be a part of their special day and assisting in making their vision come together.

The Bride was the most relaxed, easy going I have every come across, I may even say her very “hippy-like” style influenced and infused the whole wedding making it truly her own special and unique day. She knew what she liked, and that was to just to make everyone very comfortable and welcome. The beach ceremony was very beautiful and special, while the bride had white chairs set-up for guests if it made them feel more comfortable soft blankets between logs were also set up for a relaxed welcoming ceremony but was equally stunning with the peach tones set against the blue water in the Metchosin Beach site.

And that she did…from the relaxed and beautiful Beach Ceremony to the comfy hay bales covered in lace and shawls surrounding a warm back-yard fire, this Bride knew what was truly important…FAMILY!

No traditions…no seating plan…infact no exact time when dinner was going to ready. Guests were treated to bountiful appetizers upon arriving and when dinner was ready the Father of the Bride rang the dinner Bell. It was perfect, a backyard wedding of a house the Bride’s father built and she grew up in since a child.

Her dress was a combination of lace and Eye-Let embroidered white fabric, her hair style in a simple but very elegant side braided bun with a beautiful rose/feather clip.

Everything came together perfectly from the mason jar cups for the lemonade stand to the Centerpieces that incorporated the beach with the beach sand and driftwood.

A classic example of how relaxed the whole wedding was…Bride either loves going barefoot or wearing a pair of her funky boots, for the next photos on the over 100 year old Church Pew Bench the bride kicked off her boots and this was an instant perfect picture to capture along side the bench pose.

As the night started to wind down the beautiful cake made by Hannah’s Grandma was cut…

And as everyone joined around the fire the Bride turned back into her role as “Mom” and rocked her little boy to sleep, after the boys were tucked in Bride and Groom a.k.a mom and dad got ready to go on their short but very much deserved Honeymoon night away at a local B&B as grandpa stayed over night with the boys.

The warmest most enjoyable wedding by far.

I’ll leave this post with this last picture. The rest can be viewed in the gallery.