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First of all, I’d love to start this post with a long overdue Hello!! This year has been a whirlwind of new adventures! With many more exciting projects in the works for the upcoming year! With an open heart, I’m really longing to embrace 2017, that is why I decided to start early with a blog. I hope through a commitment to blogging I can show my clients my passion for decor, flowers, fabrics, linen, lighting…all of the elements that make an event or wedding just perfect for you. So without further Adieu let’s get into this post I’d love to share with you.

Of course when you are a wedding/event decorator sometimes it seems like you are the last on your to-do list for seasonal or holiday decor. Well, not this year!!! I wanted to fill my dining room with a fresh holiday look. I love to use elements in non-traditional ways and just be alternative in my decor. When you are decorating for yourself this is the perfect opportunity.

As we live in this beautiful paradise on Vancouver Island that is so green year round I wanted to embrace this in my decor.

Victoria wedding planner White floral inspirationsVictoria wedding planner White floral inspirations

I started the inspiration with some beautiful local blooms from Victoria, some white amaryllis, hydrangea, roses, and artichoke. Now…how to use these all in one arrangement while keeping the arrangement looking fresh as long as possible. In starting to construct this arrangement I built a container with oasis that included a vase in the center to house the amaryllis. The thick amaryllis stems don’t do well in oasis and I needed to create the mechanics to house a variety of Blooms, the small vase in the center is the best way to combine these blooms with different requirements, chicken wire then was used to hold the Oasis around the vase together and was also a great element to anchor the unique branches as I then was able to zap strap the branches to the chicken wire.

After the amaryllis blooms were placed in the center of the arrangement in the vase the rest of the arrangement followed the lines around the branches. I love how it turned out!! I could see these grand arrangements on either side of a wedding altar in Victoria either in a stunning church ceremony like St. Ann’s Academy beautifully located on 835 Humboldt, or alternatively an outside location such as Sea Cider Winery forest ceremony site located in Saanich.

Happy Holidays!! Stay warm and cherish the moments with your loved ones!!
En Vied Events

Modern Bride 2014

Congratulations to Charlene and Peter !!!!

February 8th, 2014

So now that the dust has settled…ummm yes this is literally speaking. En Vied was once again honored to decorate for the second annual Modern Bride Show, put on by the best team Lonnie and Jordan from Just Love Animals Society.modern bride (67 of 70)

This post is long overdue, especially since Modern Bride 2015 is currently in the works as we speak.  Nevertheless here is the live wedding hosted by Just Love Animals at The Bay Centre.  Yes right in the middle of the mall smack dab in centre court, a LIVE wedding.  And En Vied gets the privilege again for 2015 to create a Chapel for this years event!

modern bride

This is where a couple is chosen to have a free wedding…yes a wedding that is complete with a custom wedding dress by Lily Kennedy, designer flowers by Karen at A Sea of Bloom Floral Designs, decor by ourselves Tricia with assistant Essa, videography by Evergreen Bound Films and invitations beautifully designed by Aimee at

The concept for this wedding was started 9 months before…so this is my baby 🙂 I knew it had to be grand especially working in the centre court of a downtown mall. I envisioned large hangings to work with the height of the space but to also bring some definition and create a “ceiling” as the ceiling extends some 4 floors up.

This  is where I decided to give some visual interest to the ceiling portion of the chapel and undertook months of preparing these large 4′ faux capiz chandeliers. After thousands of hand cut circles, and stringing them together to make a 5 foot structure,  I was so exciting the day of to actually get them hung and see how they would look in the space.

The day arrived and has since past and I am currently making a new chandelier concept for this years show.  Here is a picture from last year, the challenge now is to change it up and keep topping what the decor was from the year before.


I will leave this post with some lovely words by the bride, and please be sure to check in soon we have some exciting news about a space we will be using for advertising for the next wedding!!!! Really over the moon excited about this!!! And here is one of my favorite testimonials, I love when brides love their decor and even more when they appreciate the amount of hours involved in creating custom weddings and events.

“I can’t thank Tricia enough for the amazing job she did transforming a very difficult, busy place into a spectacular, beautiful, private space for us.  From the first meeting to the days leading up to the wedding Tricia was very calming and reassuring about everything.  I could got to her with any questions or feelings of nervousness that I may have had.  Tricia had complete creative control over the ceremony space and she managed to create a space more beautiful than the one I always dreamed of as a child, she was able to incorporate any requests I had into her design and make it look even more stunning then what I had pictured in my head.  I was so blessed to be able to work with Tricia and I won’t hesitate to contact her for any future events!”

The Fairmont Empress Wedding

The couple booked a consultation with me at En Vied Events after The Modern Bride event (the live wedding at the Bay Centre downtown Victoria this past February)  after seeing one of the concept tables at this event.  It was the centerpieces that initiated the consultation but after meeting, Mike and Jamie with their busy schedules needed some help with some additional items to complete the day.  From there they entrusted me Tricia from En Vied Events with finding a florist that will design Jamie’s dream bouquet along with all other flowers needed to complete the look, additional decor and day of-co-ordination.

First I have to say it was so refreshing to see a couple while knowing exactly what they want…to be so easy going, these are wedding decorator/planners DREAM clients as we like to call them.

I knew this young couple had a budget and wanted to stay within this outline, but I couldn’t help but somewhat spoil them.  I included in the day of co-ordination En Vied Events collection of beautiful satin floor length linen (I am a perfectionist and I really do not like seeing the legs on tables) and with this being an Empress wedding I just had to include this along with the chocolate brown satin runner to give some contrast to the centerpieces that we customized for their guest tables.  And chair covers for the ceremony, which was in The Palm Court a stunning room to be wed in with its signature stained glass dome ceiling and Italian marble floors.

Here is a picture of the reception room, and the cute favours.  The honey actually came from my home province all the way from Elie Manitoba.

This whole wedding is a “Dream”,  mostly for the couple… but one of my dreams as wedding decorator/planner.  Not only was my couple the sweetest ever,  I remember looking at a calendar of Canada when I was about 7 and one of the featured cities one month was Victoria, B.C.  All I remember is the flowers being so vibrant,  the city being so pretty and picturesque and thinking I would like to go there one day, little did I know that I would actually be doing what I love in a city I love.

Vendors I would like to thank are Sandy from the Fairmont Empress and her very pleasant team.

Curtis Pelletier Photography for these amazing photos.

Karen from A Sea of Bloom for creating all the stunning bouquets and arrangements.

Beth-Anne for the beautiful cake.

A very busy couple of months…

modern bride showWow!!! Yes it has been a busy couple of months, but we are back, hoping to fill you in on all the wonderful experiences En Vied Events has had the greatest of pleasures to be apart of. Our customers come first so this is partly the delay in a post to keep you updated, and that we have been so darn busy with so many projects. Where do I start…one of our main priorities has been working on our “look” so this is where Melanie from Orange Frog Studios Inc. has come into our lives and what a blessing at that, really I can’t thank her enough… we also have done a few stylized with Nicole Taylor Photography and Kelsey from KGOOD Photography with some awesome vendors such as Tam from Blue Lily and Tina from Platinum Floral Designs. Oh and see…so busy almost forgot about the big shoot with Cheri from With Love and Karen from Sea of Bloom when we did our 70’s stylized shoot for The Wedding Ring Magazine.


I also have to give a huge thank-you to Hannah that was our model for this shoot, she not only is a friend but I also had the privilege of doing her decor for her wedding in September. This is just a quick post to let you know I am trying my best to keep you posted, I will post more tomorrow but would like to finish with a few pictures from a great event The Modern Bride that just took place at the Bay Center downtown Victoria. Congratulation Vanessa and Rob!!!

This was a live wedding put on to help support the JLA society, (Just Love Animals) it was so much fun a live gospel choir, to be honest I never got so much goosebumps at a wedding before it was amazing to see a couple share their wedding with so many, and for such a great cause.
February 2, 2013

modern bride 10modern bride 7modernbridewedding3

Loving Weddings

I have to start this post by saying a big “Congratulations” to Hannah and Mike on your very special day!!!

Special wedding gift to each other a heart tattoo

I was so honored to be a part of their special day and assisting in making their vision come together.

The Bride was the most relaxed, easy going I have every come across, I may even say her very “hippy-like” style influenced and infused the whole wedding making it truly her own special and unique day. She knew what she liked, and that was to just to make everyone very comfortable and welcome. The beach ceremony was very beautiful and special, while the bride had white chairs set-up for guests if it made them feel more comfortable soft blankets between logs were also set up for a relaxed welcoming ceremony but was equally stunning with the peach tones set against the blue water in the Metchosin Beach site.

And that she did…from the relaxed and beautiful Beach Ceremony to the comfy hay bales covered in lace and shawls surrounding a warm back-yard fire, this Bride knew what was truly important…FAMILY!

No traditions…no seating plan…infact no exact time when dinner was going to ready. Guests were treated to bountiful appetizers upon arriving and when dinner was ready the Father of the Bride rang the dinner Bell. It was perfect, a backyard wedding of a house the Bride’s father built and she grew up in since a child.

Her dress was a combination of lace and Eye-Let embroidered white fabric, her hair style in a simple but very elegant side braided bun with a beautiful rose/feather clip.

Everything came together perfectly from the mason jar cups for the lemonade stand to the Centerpieces that incorporated the beach with the beach sand and driftwood.

A classic example of how relaxed the whole wedding was…Bride either loves going barefoot or wearing a pair of her funky boots, for the next photos on the over 100 year old Church Pew Bench the bride kicked off her boots and this was an instant perfect picture to capture along side the bench pose.

As the night started to wind down the beautiful cake made by Hannah’s Grandma was cut…

And as everyone joined around the fire the Bride turned back into her role as “Mom” and rocked her little boy to sleep, after the boys were tucked in Bride and Groom a.k.a mom and dad got ready to go on their short but very much deserved Honeymoon night away at a local B&B as grandpa stayed over night with the boys.

The warmest most enjoyable wedding by far.

I’ll leave this post with this last picture. The rest can be viewed in the gallery.

Very Exciting News

Good Wednesday to all!!!

Hope everyone is having a great middle of the week day, I am! I have so much to look forward to, but mainly the greatest is that I am excited to share that I will be doing the decor for the Victoria Bridal Show here in Victoria, B.C on October 21st.

I have started to come up with a basic theme or concept with the show, and am so excited to get started.  I have recently discovered that I love ingenuity, which is bizarre…I think I have always created things from basically nothing ever since I was a child.  I have always loved working as a wedding decorator but last night was a great epiphany.  I discovered that there are other great artists out there with great blogs that inspired me to do what I do best, and that is to just let the creative juices flow and just be me.  Not to follow the per-say trends of wedding decor.  Give the Bride, (and I say Bride because this is whom usually I am first in contact with when consulting and creating the decor for a wedding) what she really wants…not just a choice from a perhaps full range of pre-manufactured linen and overly used decor, but to make custom wedding come alive by simple trying and using simple object and great finds.  I am not saying that decorators don’t need a good inventory, but I think I am going to be slightly altering what I add to my inventory from now on.

Back to my theme…sorry I like to drift.  I was really trying to think what would be really different, top of the wedding decor trend, would grab attention and help steer clients my way, and I stopped to think that really what better way to know what a bride would want than to pretend to be that bride myself.  Yes I am “The Bride” picking out the decor for the wedding show, and as “The Bride” I have decided that really what I would love to see is something creative yet pretty, something I could really see used at my own wedding or the basic concept.  And that is why I have chosen texture as the theme.  I have started collecting a file of all the “pretty things” that catch my eye, and with this file of inspiration be it a flower, a ruffle on a curtain, a vintage wedding gown, I am keeping my eyes open and hopefully it will all translate into a great theme that will really appeal to Brides attending the Victoria Bridal Fair October 21, 2012.

I look forward to taking pictures and sharing them shortly so you can see the progress…of course I will keep some details secret and will have a great reveal on the big day…”my big day” October 21, 2012.

Have a great day everyone!!! XOX

Spring Weddings inspired by Moss and Crystals

Hello to all the brides out there checking into my blog.  I’m new to this and this being my second post, it somehow feels like I’m writing my daily journal… only exclusively about weddings.  I feel it’s a personal way to get to know me and my business and how I really love what I do.  I love new and fresh ideas and with the Spring air floating around, the seeds of what’s fresh and new in the Wedding World is what entices the newly engaged to scout out their own signature style wedding.

Since I moved to the Island  2 things entice my attention the most, and that is how lush and green things are, yes trees and moss.  I love the hikes after a Spring rain through different trails that are full of new growth, moss in itself is beautiful and who wouldn’t want to let nature be apart of their wedding theme.

I can’t think of anything more inspiring than that perfect dew drop on a leaf, reminds me of a crystal, and that is the perfect inspiration for any wedding, for any season.

Outside elements such as branches, moss, and vines with the accents of crystals will make your wedding be a classic, romantic backdrop to your wedding. And there are so many ways to tie these elements in.  For those that are having an outside wedding crystals can be strung from a tree branch with flowers as accents and you have a perfect wedding ceremony decor.  For the centerpieces vines twisted in round or cylinder vases with branches with hanging crystals or simple vine spheres on top create the perfect centerpiece.  Not only are these stunning but they can be very cost effective as well.

En vied Events will be using many of these ideas and more at a very special wedding on Salt Springs Island coming up in May,  I will post all the details and how they’ve come together with pictures to illustrate.

For now here is an inspiration board to get you creative juices flowing.  And remember  we are here to help.  Contact En Vied events with any inspiration and we will work with you to make your wedding a signature event!!!

Wedding Fair in Victoria BC

A special welcome to all the upcoming Brides in 2012. En Vied Events just finished our first wedding fair of the year at the Crystal Gardens in Downtown Victoria, B.C. It was great meeting all the happy and excited brides and to meet with some of the other spectacular vendors.

Our booth was a combination of 2 concept guest tables. And since I moved to the Island I couldn’t resist to include a beach theme table in the booth. The main centerpiece was a tall vase filled with teal sand and manzanita branches with white orchids hanging from the crystals on the branches. My favorite is the crystal chaivari chairs and glassware that allowed the table linen to stand out. Hopefully we will be replicating a similar look for our Brides to come as there seemed to be a great number of Brides that are planning a beach-theme for their wedding decor. The table colors were based off of water and sand, and everything crystal was the accent. If you are interested in a look for your wedding contact us and we can customize a look to be truly unique to your wedding.

Another trend is anything Vintage, there were many Brides on the search for Vintage themed weddings. There are so many ways to customize a vintage wedding, my favorite is to use vintage lamps and convert them in to candle holders and add flowers to the base of each lamp to add height. Each centerpiece will be unique but the whole theme will be carried out from table to table adding unity to your look by using the same flowers and colors at every table, which will ensure a uniform and well pulled together look for your reception. You can then add other vintage touches with your table number as you can use vintage frames in a finish to compliment your wedding, again every frame can be slightly different but using the same finish will ensure a uniform look to your wedding. I found one such example from The Knot.

The options are truly endless, feathers are very trendy as are pearls and gems. Accents of white feather balls accented with antique brooches could be used as aisle markers for your Wedding Ceremony and then transformed into your table centerpieces by adding them on top of a tall cylinder vase, or vases 3 stagered in staggered heights would be very stunning.

Please feel free to contact us at En Vied Events for a complimentary consultation and let me bring my inspiration and ideas to plan your perfect Wedding or Event.

Here are some pictures courtesty of Poppy Photography of our booth at the Victoria Bridal Fair Jan. 22, 2012.