About En Vied Events

En Vied Events specializes in full service wedding and event decor.

With over 10 years experience in full service as a Wedding & Event Decorator, our special attention to every detail will ensure your wedding is everything you have envisioned.

Our Specialties

  • Head Table Decor and Design
  • Custom Backdrops
  • Ceiling Decor and Fabric Draping
  • Custom Designed Centerpieces
  • Chair Covers and Specialty Linen

  • Bridal Party Bouquets
  • Set the stage
  • Turn any room into a beautiful space
  • Dance under the stars
  • The right centerpiece will finish the table


Hi my name is Trish, and I am the Wedding & Event Decorator behind En Vied Events and the photos you see on my gallery. Best Wedding Decor became my creative outlet after years of working for florists and a Wedding & Event Decorator, and exploring College and Interior Design. Wedding and event Decor just seemed like the natural choice for me as I am an extremely creative individual, very innovative, and love to craft with my hands. I love all creative elements and any way to express this.  Being a Wedding & Event Decorator provides a fulfilling combination of all my greatest loves.  I am able to create an ambiance that will be forever remembered. Along with meeting and working with great people everyday I am to develop my creative abilities to new levels. I am absolutely in love with what I am pursuing as a life long career.

I aim to see my work from all angles and most importantly, the customer’s viewpoint. I am a true perfectionist and keep all inventory impeccably cared for. Inventory is constantly expanding and the traditional as well as the more modern fashion forward trends are also considered. I am extremely adaptable to all styles and preferences when creating a design to suit the personal styles of all clients.

My pictures in my gallery display a wide range of styles, and when I look back at them, some items are used many times over, but never look the same twice. I like to describe it as perhaps using the same color in a pallet but using different brush strokes each time.